J. Crispy's Life-Story

22-years old, Asian singer-songwriter. Pop/R&B/Hip-Hop. Performer & Recording Artist.

"Dance Floor Love" Album - Released January 25th, 2013

J. Crispy recently released his dance album that he had been working on for 4 years, originally recorded over 40+ songs but wasn’t satisfied ‘til now. Crispy has one single available on iTunes/Amazon “Pretty Little Eyes” ft. Whitney Dalynn. Crispy had wrote songs for his featured artists and helped record their 1st professional single. Such talented singers he had collabed with, “Sammy Ballew, Whitney Dalynn, Hayley Pettis, & Taylor Grant.” J. Crispy is independently selling albums at shows and in public. He refuses to put his whole album online for sell, because he believes he hasn’t reached his full potential yet. As he is still trying to perfect his craft, he’s working on his “Motivational” EP album which will drop Summer 2013. This EP is about his past on how he made it thus far. As for his album “Dance Floor Love” which sold out at Tia Lou’s when he performed, it had gained him exposure and a bigger fan base. Before he got to release his album, he hit #1 on the Seattle Pop Charts on ReverbNation with 15K+ fans world-wide. He also got a chance to do a radio interview at KISW 99.9 FM radio station in Seattle, as well as get online radio play. While making moves in Seattle, he had many booking agents paying him to perform at variety of venues. Also, he had gained noticed from out-of-state booking agents. He got offered to fly out to Vegas to perform, and is preparing for his next big gig. As for now, he has been writing and recording new singles for his next album. But, he plans on releasing every new song with a music video. Crispy plans on moving to LA into the music industry, but first taking care of his buzz in Seattle before he takes off. Stay tuned for his 1st Official Music Video to his new single entitled, “Someday”. 

NEW SINGLE! “Chasing My Dream” - A dream that I’m chasing, and will never give up! I believe one day I will make it big in LA, dreams come true!!

Why the name J. Crispy?

My artist name is short for Just.Crispy, because I have a thing with staying fresh and being fashionable. I love to rock clothes that others wouldn’t wear, to represent style and individuality. Nothing crazy as Lady Gaga, but my own artist image. I even dress up for the studio, which I feel as if I’m going on a romantic date with music. There is nothing better than rocking Crispy outfits on a daily basis! The reason why I chose that name is because I wanted to stand out. It makes people curious about the artist name, and you can even laugh about it. (That makes people talk about me, there you go… my free promotion!) It’s easy to remember, and you can’t go wrong with forgetting that catchy name. 

"Once you’ve taken the first step, it will inspire you to take the next. Walk with confidence, not cockiness."
-J. Crispy

"Most people give up when they almost make it, some give up right away. But, there are those who stick around long enough that they will get it. Be patient for your dream, and have faith in it even during bad times."
-J. Crispy


Sold over 1,700 dollars worth of mixtapes in high school for $5. I broke a record by making $400 the first day I released it. My first mixtape was called, “Shooting Stars”, and second was “Congratz To The Gradz”. I wrote both my mixtapes during class-time and at home. Some teachers would get mad at me for writing during lectures, but I couldn’t resist my music. I remember my principal in HS said… “You know you’re not allowed to sell mixtapes at school, but since I believe you will become famous… I’ll let you slide. Just keep it on the DL.” 

Dream Bench

This is where it all began… with us sharing our dreams on the bench to the right. We will always go to this dream bench on the bluff for inspiration. Young Sim and I will come here every New Years Eve to reflect on our past, and how much we’ve accomplished. Also, to discuss our future goals and what we believe will happen. I love this dream bench, it’s an amazing feeling to be looking out into God’s world.

Money Clique - Band

I used to be in a Hip Hop band called, “Money Clique”. We performed together at events such as the Kube 93 dance, and were interviewed for our city newspaper. There was so much potential in each one of us, that you can tell the passion was there. We would freestyle for fans during lunch-time and in class. There was no doubt that we inspired many people with our music. After I graduated in 2009, our group had decided to separate our own ways and be independent. It saddened the fans to see us split apart, but it was the best for all of us. The last single we had recorded together was “DREAMS”… and that was the end of Money Clique.

"If you’re willing to sacrifice anything for your dream, and you truly want it… you will get it."
-J. Crispy


I remember my first performance, it was a like a dream come true. I was intimidated at first, but I knew I had to take a shot at it. Backstage, our group “Money Clique” had freestyled and prayed before we were about to hit the stage. We peeked out to the crowd and it was completely packed with 500 people. Before it was our turn to come up, we heard the fans cheer our name repetitively. Each one of us performed a song by ourselves, and then did one together after we all had went. I was pretty nervous to get on stage, but excited at the same time. Then, when it was my turn to come out… I jumped on stage with this crazy energy and as I pointed out the microphone… the fans sang to my hook! After that moment, it had encouraged me to pursue my music career.

My biggest crowd was in front of 3,000 fans at the Everett Comcast Stadium. Before my performance, I was in middle of the stadium alone. I had this vision of millions of fans watching, and I had this emotion that felt like I was famous. By the time all the seats filled up, it actually felt like a million. I was anxious to get on stage that it made me a tad nervous, but once I touched the microphone… the fear disappeared and I was in my own world. I had the stadium rocking to its feet and singing to my song! After this performance, I knew music lived in my heart.